Queer Refugees Network Leipzig

Das Queer Refugees Network Leipzig ist ein neues Projekt in Leipzig, welches, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem RosaLinde Leipzig e.V., LGBTI* Flüchtlingen individuelle Beratung, Begleitung (z.B. bei Behördengängen oder Arztbesuchen) und die Möglichkeit der Vernetzung mit anderen bietet.

In der Selbstbeschreibung des Projekts heißt es:

QueeRNL aims to provide the „three Cs“: counseling, company and congress.

Counseling is offered to look at individual cases and figure out solutions and/or forward to the respective institutions in charge. This is very central because some social workers have a ration of 1:300, meaning they have to deal with all issues that those 300 people face. Obviously, they can’t always offer comprehensive strategies.

This is where we come into play: We look at what problems our clients face and try to look for solution-oriented strategies. It also helps to have a queer person of colour like me dealing with this, as many straight and white offers lack knowledge of what the intersection PoC/queer/refugee means.

Company means going with clients to doctors, lawyers or any other institution to provide support and offer language mediation to make sure the client feels comfortable and is able to grasp what is going on.

Congress means creating a platform for the refugees: Weekly meetups help clients connect, build friendships and support groups. Once more organized, this platform should also be used to lobby for interests and create visibility and offers in the communities on a local and hopefully national and European level.