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07 – 15 July 2023

The planning for the CSD Leipzig 2023 is slowly taking shape, so we can already tell you the first details here! This page will be updated continuously as soon as there is something new.

Of course, we have given ourselves a motto and a focus again this year, which you can read under the following link: Motto and focus

You can find our political and social demands under the following link: Demands


This year’s CSD week will kick off on 07 July 2023 with the traditional hoisting of the rainbow flag in front of the New City Hall followed by the reception of the City of Leipzig.

The highlight, the big demonstration followed by a street party on Augustusplatz will take place on July 15, 2023.

You will find more details on the schedule here in due course.

The highlight, this year’s demonstration, will start on July 16, 2022 at 11:30 am with a rally on Augustusplatz. Subsequently, we will demonstrate from about 13:00 on the inner city ring. The demonstration will finally lead to the big street festival with a stage program at Augustusplatz at around 3:30 pm. You can find more information about the individual program points in the event calendar.

The demo route will be announced here in due course.

Demo route

The demonstration will start directly after the rally on Augustusplatz and will lead along the inner city ring towards Roßplatz and further along Martin-Luther-Ring, past the New City Hall, to St. Thomas Church. There it leaves the inner city ring and continues via the Thomaskirchhof to the market. From there it continues through Salzgässchen onto Reichsstraße and across this to Hallisches Tor. There we change again to the inner ring and walk past the main station to Goethestraße and via this back to Augustusplatz. There, the demo will finally lead into the big street festival with stage program.
As last year, all speeches will be bundled in the rally BEFORE the demo, so there will be no stops in between.

Conditions and instructions for the demo
We must point out the following conditions of the assembly authority for the rally / demonstration on 16.07.2022.
  • The entrances and exits on Augustusplatz (Leipzig Opera House, Gewandhaus, Augustusplatz underground car park), access roads (Augustusplatz underground car park) and streets (Goethestraße, central carriageway, ring road area) must be kept clear.
  • The Mendebrunnen on Augustusplatz (Gewandhaus side) may not be entered; also, no posters or similar items may be attached to it.
  • During the rally/demo, the serving/sale of alcohol is prohibited.
  • During the demonstration, the right-hand side of the roadway is to be used; oncoming traffic is not to be obstructed or endangered; separate LVB track beds are to be kept clear.
  • Demonstration materials (e.g. banners) must be carried in such a way that other participants or third parties are not endangered.
  • No beverage cans or glass bottles may be carried; however, plastic bottles, tetra-packs and thermos flasks are permitted.
  • The carrying of pyrotechnic products is prohibited.
  • The dropping of leaflets, magazines and other publications is prohibited; these must be handed over directly and specifically by hand.
  • Space must be made for emergency vehicles of the police, fire department or rescue vehicles.
  • During the demonstration, a safety distance of 1.50m must be maintained from vehicles.
In order for the demo to be a good experience for everyone and to run safely, we also ask you to follow these instructions.
  • Please be nice to the stewards and follow their instructions.
  • Please be respectful and friendly to each other.
  • Please bring plenty of water and sunscreen, it may be warm and sunny.
  • Please leave your pets at home.
  • Please wear mouth/nose protection, Corona is unfortunately not over yet.


At this point you will find on 16.07.2022 from 11:30 the live broadcast of the rally and from 15:30 the stage program from Augustusplatz.


This year we celebrate 30 years of CSD Leipzig and therefore we are supported by three ambassadors who stand up for the queer community in very different ways and represent the diversity of our community.

Peter Thürer
Photo: Private

As an “old hand” and co-founder of the Leipzig CSD movement, we were able to win Peter Thürer as an ambassador, which we are especially happy about on the occasion of our anniversary! He has always stood up against exclusion and discrimination – also within the queer community.

Catherine Oguntoye
Photo: Carolyn Gammon

As a feminist and environmental activist,Katharina Oguntoye has been tirelessly fighting for equal opportunities and intergenerational justice for many years now, with a particular focus on the rights of queer people.

Fabian Grischkat
Photo: Oguz Yilmaz

As an activist and filmmaker, Fabian Grischkat does important educational work in social media and on stages around the country, especially for his young audience, regarding queer ways of living and loving.

Our ambassadors* will be present at the demonstration on 16.07.2022 on Augustusplatz and will also appear in part during the week of events. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to the Leipzig CSD!

What motivated our three ambassadors to commit themselves to the CSD Leipzig and what they stand for you can read in detail here: Greetings of our ambassadors


Of course, this year again a diverse and eventful week of events will take place in the run-up to the CSD. Numerous Leipzig clubs, organizations and institutions have put together a colorful program that has something to offer for everyone. All events can be found in our interactive event calendar.

All information about the CSD and the events can be found in our program booklet. Download it now, so that you always have all the important information for your CSD week at hand.

We need you!

The Leipzig CSD is an event by the community for the community. For the safe and smooth execution of the rally and the subsequent demonstration, we are currently looking for volunteer stewards. You can register as a steward via the following link. As a thank you for your activity during the demonstration, you will receive a guest list place for the Prideball, the official closing party of the Leipzig CSD 2022!

Inclusion & Accessibility

We want to go a way in the right direction and make our CSD more barrier-free. For this purpose, in addition to the sign language interpretation already established in previous years, we have expanded our inclusion concept to include other aspects, especially for people with limited mobility. Detailed information about inclusion at CSD Leipzig can be found here.


This year for the first time there will be demo vehicles for people with walking disabilities and elderly people. Click on the link below to find out how you can make use of them.

Rally & street party

In addition, there will be a podium at a central position on Augustusplatz, from which people with walking impairments, and especially people who move by wheelchair, will have the opportunity to follow the stage program from a comfortable viewing perspective. In addition, we offer barrier-free toilets.


For the realization of these offers, volunteer assistants are available for people with impairments, who, for example, assist with getting in and out of the vehicles or with the use of the platform.

For the realization of these offers we depend on volunteer assistance persons for people with impairments, who support for example with getting into and out of the vehicles or with the use of the platform. Previous knowledge and sensitivity for the work and way of life with and of people with disabilities are desired. You can register as an assistant via the following link.

As a thank you for your activity during the demo or the street festival, you will receive a guest list place for the Prideball, the official closing party of the Leipzig CSD


You can still register for the CSD 2023 under the following links (German versions). The deadlines can be found on the respective pages.

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