CSD ambassadors 2023

There are only a few weeks left until the CSD Leipzig 2023 starts. So it’s high time to introduce you to this year’s ambassadors!

We are very happy that we could win Barbara Wallbraun and Lucas Krzikalla, two people from the Leipzig community for the CSD Leipzig and this special role. We are especially pleased that this year’s ambassadors are building a bridge from the past to the present and into the future. Through both of them it becomes clear that every little event helps to reduce queer hostility and to show that personal freedom and unrestricted participation in society is possible.

This year, as always, you can meet our two ambassadors live at the central Rally on July 15 2023 on the Augustusplatz augustusplatz. Both will also appear individually at events during the CSD week. Stay tuned and check back when we publish the program for this year’s event week!

Photo: Betty Pabst

Barbara Wallbraun

Filmmaker and media educator

Barbara Wallbraun is a documentary filmmaker, freelance media educator and speaker. Fittingly, her multiple award-winning documentary “Uferfrauen – Lesbisches L(i)eben in der DDR” was released in 2019. In it, the problems of six women in the former GDR are traced, from their struggle for self-determination, first love and conflicts with the SED, from the search and finding private (love) happiness.


You colorful, loud, quiet, older, younger, dear allies,

“The future is queer” – I think, “The future must be queer”! In a globalized world, there must be no going back, our progressiveness must not be stopped. The acceptance of diversity of all people must be constantly fought for, but may be openly shown and celebrated in these days more than ever in Leipzig.
In doing so, our view should not only be directed forward, but also consider the past: On which – today seemingly self-evident – achievements can we build our diverse lifestyles and to whom do we owe this?
When looking back, let’s not only look at beginnings of the queer movement in New York in the 1960s/70s, but absolutely also at all the big and small stories on our doorstep. Not just big events, but every outing, no matter how small, has helped make a more colorful society possible!

Please let us not forget the fragility of what has been achieved. We do not live in a naturally tolerant society. There are still hate crimes against queers in our immediate environment – conservative forces and right-wing attitudes are gaining support again. To counteract this, we need the joint effort of a united community!
The more resolute our alliance, the stronger our force!

Let’s not get stuck in (seemingly insurmountable) petty fights, but work together to ensure that we don’t have to fight over the crumbs, but that everyone gets fair pieces of the big pie!

As we look to the queer future, don’t forget the elders with their stories and experiences that we can benefit from and expand appreciation to our own and all identities(s). Let’s engage in generational dialogue, reach out to each other, learn from each other, and understand each other better. In this sense – go out and meet each other, don’t stay in your bubble, be interested in each other, discover similarities and differences, come together in your individuality and talk to each other!

Because: The future is queer – but not without a look in the past! Together we are stronger!

You want to know more about Barbara and her film? Then you shouldn’t miss the screening at Frauenkultur on July 13 2023! Directly after the screening, Barbara will be available to answer questions from visitors.

Lucas Krzikalla

Professional handball player of the SC DHfK Leipzig

Lucas Krzikalla is a handball player for the Leipzig Bundesliga team SC DHfK. He came out as gay last year, and was the first active professional athlete in the first Bundesliga to do so. He took an important and courageous step and has become a role model for many other (professional) athletes.

Photo: SC DHfK Leipzig


My dear Leipzig,

some of you will probably know me more from the handball context in Leipzig, because that’s where I’ve been rooted for many years and last year I had my coming out as the first active professional athlete in the first Bundesliga.
I’m very happy to be this year’s ambassador for the CSD in Leipzig.

After many years in professional sports in Leipzig, I was tired of hiding my love for a man. This secrecy broke me back then, especially mentally.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any role models in men’s sports in the past and that shouldn’t be the case in today’s world. It is also necessary in heteronormative men’s sports to break up the completely outdated prejudices and forget about them. Because the future of sports is shaped by diversity and inclusion. being “queer” is the social reality. We are not one-dimensional, each of us is individual and unique, diverse and different – and I think that’s great! And that’s exactly how we should take it out into the world. True to this year’s motto of the CSD Leipzig: “The future is queer”!

But we can only do that if we all pull together and continue to fight for our visibility and rights, even beyond the borders of our country. Because even outside of Germany we should listen to each other, respect each other and support each other.

I wish us all a peaceful, unforgettable and wonderful CSD in Leipzig! #feelthelove

You can see Lucas at the panel discussion on “Queer in (professional) sports” on July 13 2023. At the event of the city of Leipzig he will be there together with other representatives of local sports clubs and fan clubs.