“CSD Leipzig 2023 – The future is queer!” – focus and motto 2023

For centuries, queer1 people have been oppressed, persecuted and are still exposed to discrimination and physical violence. This was brought home to us again last year in Münster when the young trans man Malte C. succumbed to his severe injuries one week after a brutal attack. Unfortunately, such an act is not an isolated case. A statistic of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on hate crime2 shows an increase of over 60% in politically motivated crime against queer people in 2021 compared to the previous year.

This problem must be considered and solved intersectionally3. Because many queer people face multiple discrimination in our society for a variety of reasons. Even in the queer community. For example, because they are BIPoC4 or have a physical, mental or psychological impairment. As already stated in our demands, queerphobia cannot be considered separately from other inequalities and certainly cannot be overcome. Therefore, we must confront the various forms of discrimination and stand up for human rights. The evil of ignorance and hatred must be tackled at its root. In doing so, we must look beyond our own horizons and also be self-critical.

Nevertheless, we are optimistic about the future. Let’s just look at what we have achieved so far. The abolition of para. 175 of the German Criminal Code, the opening of marriage for same-sex couples, the desired changes in personal status law and parentage law. After more than 50 years of the CSD movement, full of tough discourse and hard work, we are getting closer step by step to one of our great goals: the social acceptance of queer life realities.

For us, this leads to the realization that the future is queer. For us, this goes hand in hand with the goal and the task of working towards this future, especially involving the younger generations, in order to create a future for all. We dream of a respectful and violence-free future for all people. Our goal is a hate-free society. A society where it doesn’t matter who you love or how you describe your gender. In such a society, coming out should no longer be necessary and certainly should not have negative consequences. Neither privately nor professionally.

We are aware that our idea of a queer future is probably unfortunately somewhat utopian. But it is worth fighting for it. Just as a steady drop wears away the stone, we will continue to stand up for queer people and demonstrate with staying power. Because together we are strong! And together we can change something!

Therefore, we call on July 15, 2023 to participate in the big CSD demonstration and the subsequent street party on Leipzig’s Augustusplatz, as well as to attend the events of the CSD program week.

Let’s queer the future together!

1 QUEER is a collective term for transgender people and for people beyond heterosexuality and/or the binary gender system of man and woman.

2 Source: bmi.bund.de (German version)

3 INTERSECTIONAL describes the intersection and simultaneity of different categories of discrimination against a person

4 BIPoC is the abbreviation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color. All these terms are political self-designations. That means they arose from a resistance and still stand for the struggles against these oppressions and for more equality. (Source: Migrationsrat Berlin, German version)