Why award a prize?

The Stonewall movement, in whose tradition queer* demonstrations have been held worldwide and in Leipzig for many decades, could never have existed without courageous, committed people. Likewise, we would be entirely without queer* structures such those that exist today in Leipzig without the energetic dedication of organisations and individuals. Unfortunately, diligence of this kind is recognised far too rarely by our society, let alone celebrated. So, we took the matter in hand and called the CSD Leipzig Preis für queeres Engagement (CSD Leipzig award for dedication to the queer cause) into being at CSD 2022.

To whom is the prize awarded?

The award is intended to honour a commitment to queer* people and/or their rights. The focus is on individuals and organisations with a sphere of activity in Leipzig and the surrounding area. In the case of individuals, this could be as a volunteer or a full-time commitment. In the first year, the prize was awarded to both an individual and an organisation. In subsequent years, it was then awarded annually alternating between a individual and an organisation.

How are the award winners selected?

The prize is awarded by the CSD Leipzig organisational team. The participation of the queer* community in selecting potential candidates is very important to us. Therefore, starting in 2023, there will be an annual opportunity for the community to nominate individuals or organisations to receive the award. We will announce the window for submitting suggestions on our website and social media channels.

A committee appointed by the organising team will then evaluate the proposals and suggest award winners to the organising team. The CSD plenum will then vote democratically for the winners.

Award winners in the anniversary year 2022

Peter Thürer

Peter Thürer is a veteran of the queer* movement in Leipzig and worked for Aidshilfe Leipzig for many decades. He is a sex educator and family planning counsellor (M.A.) who founded the first Christopher Street Day in Leipzig in 1992, together with other dedicated individuals. Over the next 30 years, Peter dedicated his life, passion, heart and mind to helping people suffering from discrimination, stigmatisation and marginalisation by mainstream society because they do not fit the norm or treated as outcasts because they contracted a virus. He never tired of fighting for equality and respect for all people, regardless of their way of life or love. In 2022, Peter took on the role of CSD ambassador on the occasion of the 30th anniversary.

You can read more about the history of the Leipzig CSD here or you may listen to Peter talk about it himself in our podcast.

Foto: Tobias Möritz
Queer Refugees Network (RosaLinde Leipzig e.V.)

For more than three decades, RosaLinde Leipzig e.V. has been a cornerstone of queer action in Leipzig. It was the birthplace of countless important projects, some of which are still running today. We find the work done by the Queer Refugees Network Leipzig (QRN) especially moving. The network does demanding but all the more vital work. They have helped countless queer people who have fled persecution, death and war and given them new prospects in our country. The QRN gives a voice to people who are discriminated against by wider society in multiple ways. They may be excluded “merely” because of their sexuality or gender, but perhaps also because of their origin, skin colour or language, for example. It is an arduous job and yet QRN employees return tirelessly to tackle these cases day after day with verve and vigour.

Foto: Tobias Möritz

Award ceremony 2023

In 2023, the prize is to be awarded to a natural person. The participation of the queer community is very important to us. Therefore, we ask you for suggestions for possible award winners. Please send us your suggestions until January 31, 2023 and explain why this person should be the winner. Simply click on the following link to nominate an award winner.

The award ceremony will take place during the reception of the city of Leipzig on 07 July 2023, which traditionally marks the opening of the CSD week. You will find more information in due course in our calendar of events.