Declaration of incompatibility

The plenary session of the CSD Leipzig decided on March 14, 2018 as follows

1. The Leipzig Pride, the participating individuals, associations, parties and initiatives/projects are committed to the basic values published in the catalog of demands. The Leipzig Pride stands in particular for an open / free society, the defense of human dignity, the right to free development of personality, respect, and the right to physical, mental and verbal integrity.

2. Racism, xenophobia, sexism, classism, homophobia, trans* and interphobia, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, anti-emancipatory ideologies, hostility towards people with disabilities, right-wing hate speech and other forms of group-related enmity have no place at the Leipzig Pride.

3. Participation in the Pride, its events and the plenum is incompatible for persons, groups and parties who oppose the demands mentioned under point 1 in terms of content or who tolerate the forms of exclusion mentioned under point 2 in their programs and publications. This applies in principle to parties, members and supporters of right-wing populist / right-wing extremist parties / groups. Their content and world views, supported / underlined by statements and actions of the respective members, are diametrically opposed to the attitude, demands and self-image of the Leipzig Pride and are incompatible with them. That is why there cannot and will not be any cooperation or exchange with their representatives.

4. Forty-nine years after the Stonewall Riots at Christopher Street, it is our responsibility to defend the gains and advances made since then and not let the activists of that struggle fall victim to another anti-emancipatory, authoritarian roll-back.

5. This declaration of incompatibility, together with the catalog of demands, must therefore be supported by everyone who would like to take part in Leipzig Pride.

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