The Christopher Street Day (CSD) Leipzig has a logo, which exists in two variants; a variant with and a variant without date.

If you need a different file format or size, just write to us at

Terms of use for our logo

1. Use without prior consent

Without prior consent of CSD Leipzig the logo in both versions can be used by program week partners for non-commercial purposes. Program Week Partners are organizers of events that have been registered for the CSD Program Week, accepted by CSD Leipzig and included in the official program booklet of CSD Leipzig. The CSD Leipzig’s mission statement and the CSD Leipzig’s advertising guidelines must be observed. It must always be recognizable that the CSD Leipzig is not the organizer of the respective event, but that it is only an event within the program week of the CSD Leipzig.

2. Use with prior consent

Third parties who are not program week partners, as well as program week partners who wish to use the logo for commercial purposes, require the prior consent of CSD Leipzig for the use of the logo. The consent may be subject to conditions and will be given in text form.

3. Integration of the logo

The logo may not be edited, cropped or otherwise alienated in any way. The logo is to be set on a white background.

4. Violations

In the event of violations of the terms of use, the CSD Leipzig mission statement or the CSD Leipzig advertising guidelines, consent to use may be subsequently denied and further use of the logo may be prohibited.

Booklets (german only)

2021| 3MB

2020 | 2MB

2019 | 3MB

2018 | 5MB

2017 | 5MB

CSD Programmheft 2016 Cover

2016 | 2MB

CSD Programmheft 15 front

2015 | 7MB

2014 | 3MB

CSD Booklet 2012

2012 | 4MB

CSD Booklet 2011

2011 | 7MB

2010 | 8MB

CSD 2009 Front

2009 | 3MB

2008 | 1MB

2007 | 1MB

2006 | 2MB

2004 | 2MB