Inclusion and accessibility at the CSD Leipzig

The organizing team of the CSD Leipzig has dedicated itself for several years to the goal of making the Leipzig CSD more barrier-free. Even though we are aware that complete accessibility is difficult to achieve, we try to approach it within the scope of possibilities.

After we offensively approached the topic of inclusion and rejectionism in 2021 under the motto (in)visible?! with two ambassadors with disabilities, we founded the Accessibility Team. This team consists of experts in their own field and advises as part of the organizational team on the topic of accessibility and inclusion. As a result, the inclusion concept was expanded in 2022 and has been successively developed since then.

For example, the first step was to add options to our website that provide easier access to our texts and content for people with visual impairments. Alternative texts for images have been gradually added since then.

Demonstration and street festival

In addition to the sign language interpretation already introduced in previous years, we have focused on the participation of people with walking impairments in our demonstration and street festival for CSD 2022.

For this purpose, there were for the first time two demo vehicles (buses) for people with walking impairments and for older people, which will also be an integral part of the demonstration in the future. Via the following link you can register to ride in the buses and reserve a seat. Depending on the available seats, a spontaneous ride is of course also possible without pre-registration. We ask for a solidary use. Boarding and alighting will take place at Augustusplatz and Goethstraße respectively. We will communicate the exact location of the vehicles in due course on our website and via social media. It is not possible to get on or off during the demo.

Furthermore, there is a podium at a central position on Augustusplatz, from which people with walking impairments, and especially people who move by wheelchair, have the opportunity to follow the stage program from a comfortable viewing perspective. We also offer barrier-free toilets.

We are also trying to organize assistants who can help with getting in and out of the vehicles as well as with the use of the platform. If you would like to assist us with this, you can register using the appropriate form.

An awareness team specifically for the street festival is currently being put together.

Events of the CSD program week

For the events of the CSD program week, which we do not organize ourselves and therefore have only limited influence on locations, etc., we show various criteria of accessibility in our online event calendar since the CSD 2023.

All organizers must answer the following questions when registering their events for the program week:

  • Is the access to the venue barrier-free?
  • Are the paths within the venue barrier-free?
  • Are the paths within the venue accessible for blind persons?
  • Is there an accessible restroom? If so, is it wheelchair accessible?
  • Are assistants for people with impairments present?
  • Is there a sign language interpreter for on-site participants?
  • Is there a sign language interpreter for online participants? (for online or hybrid events)
  • Are there subtitles for online participants? (for online or hybrid events)
  • Are flickering or flashing lights and/or sudden loud noises to be expected before, during, or after the event?

If accessible solutions are available, they will be provided for each event and displayed in the event calendar on the CSD website. Furthermore, organizers have the opportunity to provide their own notes or explanations about possible barriers.

We do not stand still!

It is very important to us that ALL people can participate in the CSD and the event week. We will therefore continuously address further barriers and develop concepts for their removal. We are always grateful for suggestions!

You want to work in the team accessibility, are a sign language interpreter or want to support as an assistant? Feel free to send us a message via social media or an email to