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CSD ambassadors 2023

There are only a few weeks left until the CSD Leipzig 2023 starts. So it’s high time to introduce you to this year’s ambassadors! We are very happy that we could win Barbara Wallbraun and Lucas Krzikalla, two people from the Leipzig community for the CSD Leipzig and this special role. We are especially pleased…

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International Women’s Day

Today, March 08, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This has a long history and is primarily intended to remind us that women and non-binary people have fewer privileges in their daily lives than men. International Women’s Day originated in the United States. There, from the mid-19th century to the 20th century, women textile workers protested…

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Transgender Day of Visibility

This post contains descriptions of experiences of violence and discrimination. Please be mindful if this may be problematic for you. Today is Transgender Day of Visibility, the day of visibility for trans people. When one’s gender, as determined by external sex characteristics, does not match one’s self-perceived gender, it is referred to as trans, transgender,…

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“Incurably Queer?” – Survey on anti-queer attitudes in Germany

We need your support – it’s about queerphobia. More precisely: about anti-queer attitudes in Germany. Mosaik Deutschland e.V. would like to hear from as many queer people as possible about the forms of queer hostility they have experienced: in the survey “Incurably queer – Experiences with anti-queer attitudes in Germany.” The central concern of this…

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CSD Leipzig e.V. founded

On Friday, January 6, 2023, more than 20 representatives of the Leipzig community came together to found the CSD Leipzig e.V.. Christopher Street Day Leipzig (CSD Leipzig) has existed since 1992 and celebrated its 30th birthday last year. The colorful event week has been organized for many years by a volunteer organization team with the…

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Greetings of our ambassadors

This year we celebrate 30 years of CSD Leipzig and therefore we are supported by three ambassadors who are committed to the queer community in very different ways and represent the diversity of our community. Our ambassadors will also be present at our demonstration on 16.07.2022 on Augustusplatz. (The greetings were translated from German) Peter…

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