Pride in Leipzig: from the community, for the community

The Leipzig Pride is a democratic action alliance. We meet every second Wednesday of the month for a plenary session. During these organizational meetings, we discuss content-related positions, choose an annual focus together, choose pride ambassadors and plan the event week as well as the demonstration and the street festival. The plenum makes all fundamental decisions democratically. The individual tasks are then implemented by several teams. The plenum and active participation at the Pride is open to all people who share our goals and values

You too can actively volunteer at Leipzig Pride and shape it together with us! Whether organizing the demonstration, preparing the event week, planning the stage program for our street festival, decorating or looking for sponsors, committed contributors are always needed. There’s enough to do.

As Leipzig Pride, it is our goal to support all facets of the queer spectrum. In order to reflect the ideas and positions of the entire community, it is of course essential that a wide variety of queer people find their way into our organizational team. Therefore we would like to call on young and older queer people, BIPoC, inter* and trans* people as well as queer people with disabilities to take part in our meetings, to enrich us with your thoughts and demands and to get actively involved.

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Our Teams

Since a Pride cannot be planned with just one meeting a month and in order to be able to divide up tasks according to strengths, skills and interests, we have set up various working groups or teams:

General affairs

The team for general affairs maintains the overall view. Here, for example, the text on the main topic is written, new demands are prepared and speeches at the street festival or demo are planned. The general team also includes topics such as our financial planning.


The accessibility team advises on the topic of accessibility and inclusion so that the CSD Leipzig can become more accessible for people with disabilities.

Stage / Booking

The stage / booking team organizes the stage program at the Leipzig Pride street festival, from planning the acts to looking after the artists.


The Demo team is responsible for organizing everything related to the Pride demonstration. For example, it plans the annual route and coordinates the vehicles and everyone involved in the demo and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Public relations

The public relations team takes care of the public image of CSD Leipzig. This includes writing press releases, looking after the social media channels and the website, the CSD podcast and much more.

Street festival / Stand

The street festival team coordinates the construction and planning of the street festival. This also includes the decoration of the square on the day of the demo. Numerous helping hands are needed for the construction work on the day of the demo. The stand of the Leipzig Pride is also organized and looked after by this team.

Sponsoring / Cooperation

The larger a Pride becomes, the more you have to think about its financing. The Sponsoring / Cooperation team takes care of this. It looks for possible cooperation partners who share our values and would like to support Leipzig Pride both financially and materially.

Advertising / Media

The advertising / media team deals with our outdoor advertising. Where do we place ads, where do we want to be present? Because without visibility we are all nothing!

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