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Demonstrations are, by their very nature, “mobile events” that require – in whatever form – participants to walk along. For some people, however, this is not easily achievable, as they are dependent on a wheelchair, for example, or are otherwise walking impaired. In the sense of equal participation and accessibility of our demonstration, we have therefore created various offers for these people to enable them to participate in the demo despite any mobility restrictions.

On the one hand, there will be a barrier-free bus for elderly people and people with walking impairments. Furthermore, there will be a barrier-free minibus for people who are dependent on a wheelchair. Both vehicles will travel the entire demo route. The bus is a regular service bus of the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe. It has room for 27 people and 2 wheelchair spaces. The minibus is provided by the University of Leipzig and has 6 seats for wheelchair users – the wheelchairs will be safely stored during the demo – and 2 seats for heavy wheelchairs. The boarding will take place before the beginning of the demo at Augustusplatz or Goethestraße. We will announce the exact location of the vehicles in due course on our website and via social media. Assistance persons will be present on site to assist with getting in and out of the vehicles.

We would appreciate pre-registration if you would like to take advantage of any of these options and secure a spot. Simply fill out one of the forms below to reserve a spot. As soon as you have registered, we will send you a confirmation with all important information by e-mail and you are ready to participate in the CSD demo without barriers. The forms will be automatically blocked as soon as the corresponding number of reservations is reached. So, as always, coming early ensures the best seats.

The reservation of places is possible up to and including July 14 2023. Of course, these offers are available to all people who need them, even without pre-registration, as long as there are still free places. We ask for a solidary use.

Should you not be able or not want to use your reserved seat anymore, we ask you to send a short feedback via e-mail to, so that we can release the seat for other persons again.

Seat in the bus – 14 places still available! (Status from July 12 2023)
Wheelchair space in the bus – 2 spaces still available! (Status from July 12 2023)
Seat for wheelchair users inside in the minibus – 6 spaces still available! (Status from July 12 2023)
Space for heavy wheelchairs in the minibus – 2 spaces still available! (Status from July 12 2023)

We cannot accept any more pre-registrations for CSD 2023. However, there are still free seats that you can use on the day of the demo without pre-registration as long as they are available.

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